Degree Requirements, University of Illinois at Chicago

Total Required Hours: 46-49 (2 years to complete)

Basic Science Core Courses: 14 
Biomedical Visualization Core Courses: 18
Elective Courses: 10
Project Research: 4-7

Required Courses

ANAT 441 Gross Human Anatomy
BHIS 405 Medical Sciences and Human Pathophysiology
BVIS 502 Clinical Sciences for Biomedical Visualization

At least one of the following five courses:
BVIS 560 Molecular Pharmacology for Biomedical Visualization
GCLS 501 Biochemistry
GCLS 502 Molecular Biology
GCLS 503 Cell Biology
NEUS 501 Foundations of Neuroscience I

BVIS 505 Visual Learning and Visual Thinking I
BVIS 510 Anatomical Visualization
BVIS 518 Web Development
BHIS 499 Information Sources in BHIS
BHIS 500 Strategic Inquiry in BHIS
BVIS 552 Graphic Design
BVIS 575 Business Practices
BVIS 595 Seminar in Biomedical Visualization
BHIS 595 Seminar in Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
BVIS 597 Project Research, or
BVIS 598 Thesis

Elective Courses

ANAT 403/NEUS 403 Human Neuroanatomy
ANAT 544/OSCI 544 Advanced Craniofacial Anatomy
ART 452 Information Aesthetics I
ART 453 Information Aesthetics II
ART 454 3D Space I: Modeling
ART 455 3D Space II: Animation
ART 457 Interactive 3D
BVIS 500 Biomedical Visualization Techniques
BVIS 519 Modeling I
BVIS 520 Modeling II
BVIS 522 Illustration Techniques
BVIS 530 Surgical Illustration
*BVIS 532 Introduction to Anaplastology & Prosthesis Fabrication
BVIS 535 Visual Learning & Visual Thinking II
BVIS 538 Medical Legal Visualization
BVIS 541 Animation I
BVIS 542 Animation II
BVIS 543 Animation III
BVIS 544 Animation IV
BVIS 546 Virtual Reality & Stereography in Biomedical Visualization
BVIS 548 Advanced Illustration Techniques
*BVIS 554 Anaplastology Materials & Techniques
*BVIS 555 Clinical Anaplastology
BVIS 562 Advanced Graphic Design
BVIS 580 Practicum in Biomedical Visualization
BVIS 594 Special Topics in Biomedical Visualization
BVIS 596 Independent Study
CS 426 Video Game Design and Development
GCLS 515 Receptor Cell Pharmacology and Cell Signaling
IE 494 Haptics and Augmented Reality
NEUS 502 Foundations of Neuroscience II
PCOL 540 Ion Channels: Structure, Function, Pharmacology, and Pathology

*Anaplastology courses are not currently being offered