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Charitable giving is personal.  People are motivated to make donations for a variety of reasons. They may want to make a difference in the lives of people and their communities; put their beliefs into action; or simply, feel connected to people or a cause. As the assistant dean for advancement in the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences (CAHS), I feel that it’s important to connect our alumni and friends to what moves them, especially those interests that overlap with our mission. Our college, alumni and friends share a rich history and an even more exciting future as our faculty prepares students to work in a dynamic health care environment.

The nearly 10,000 alumni that have graduated from CAHS are therapists, advocates for social change, leaders, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, and the protectors of health information. Although the college is composed of diverse programs, the common thread that weaves them together is that our graduates help people to live the lives they determine for themselves.

Helping others comes in many forms. With approximately 12% of CAHS’ funding coming from the State of Illinois, my goal is to increase the amount of private funding it receives so that we can provide scholarships and travel awards to students; enhance the educational environment through classroom renovations and innovative teaching methods; support leading-edge research that benefits our diverse community; and ultimately, secure the future of our college through financial sustainability.

I hope that you will consider joining our faculty, alumni and friends in our efforts by making a charitable gift to the college or to one of our many programs. It’s through the support of many that we can make a difference.

Warm regards,

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Elise Krikau
Assistant Dean Of Advancement


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