After You Apply

You’ve applied and submitted your application. Now what?

What's next?

You can check your application status online at any time. This will show you a checklist of all your items and let you know if they’re correct and complete.

Departmental review

The length of time that it takes for an application to go through the departmental review process varies from 3 to 30 days, depending on the completeness of the application. After we complete our review of your application, we communicate the decisions to Admissions and they will review the application and update the official record. We do this throughout the application cycle.

Graduate college review

All applications we recommend for admission must also be reviewed by the Graduate College. The Graduate College may decide to uphold our recommendation or deny the application.

After a decision has been made

Once a decision is made the UIC Office of Admissions and the Health Informatics Admissions Committee  enters a decision in the application, accompanied by an official email within 48 hours after the  decision.

If you've been admitted...

Congratulations! Access our Admitted Student page for your next steps.

If you need to defer admission...

Admission can be deferred once for up to one academic year (e.g., Fall admission can be deferred to the following Spring, Summer, or Fall terms). Notify us as soon as possible that you’d like to defer admission. If your deferral is approved, we’ll forward it to admissions for for final approval and official updates to your student record.

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Our advisors are here to help with any post-application questions. If you know your UIN, make sure to have that handy when you contact us.

Get in touch with an advisor now!

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