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  • More ‘mHealth’ studies needed to improve health care outcomes

    Study coauthored by Spyros Kitsiou shows that mHealth interventions could help diabetic patients self-manage their conditions and control their glucose levels.

  • Visualizing career opportunities

    Biomedical visualization students inspire kids who are interested in both science and art at 2016 Science Works Career Fair.

  • UIC master’s in health informatics ranked 3rd in U.S.

    The online master’s degree in health informatics at the University of Illinois at Chicago was ranked 3rd in the country by Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

  • Study coauthored by Andrew Boyd finds app improves medication adherence

    A tablet computer application helped heart patients with drug-eluting stents take their medications correctly, the study found.

  • Joanna Abraham helps prevent medical communication errors

    Structured tools can reduce “end-of-round time compression” during multidisciplinary morning rounds in the hospital, according to a new study.

  • On a leading mission

    Anthony Faiola is named professor and head of the UIC Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences.

  • Stairgazing

    AHS students come together to produce a series of “Stairwell to Health” posters for first-ever stairwell messaging campaign.

  • Going "HAAM"

    A biomedical visualization alumnus uses interactive technologies to give users a first-person experience in navigating the human body.

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