Scholarships and Awards

Office of Special Scholarship Programs

The Office of Special Scholarship Programs (SSP) assists UIC students in applying for nationally competitive scholarships. Information about available awards, advice on application preparation, and assistance throughout the scholarship application process is also provided by OSSP.  Once you are enrolled at UIC, you can sign up for the Special Scholarships listserv to receive regular updates on new scholarship opportunities at

Office of Special Scholarship Programs
2506 University Hall
601 S. Morgan St. (MC 115)
Chicago, Illinois 60607
(312) 355-1233 (FAX)

College Scholarships and Awards

The college offers the following scholarship and awards to enrolled students; criteria may vary. Consult individual academic programs for additional scholarship and award information.

AHS Achievement Awards
Presented at commencement by departments to outstanding students who are recognized for overall performance and who serve as leaders in the college.

AHS Dean's Award
Presented annually at the college commencement. The awardee is selected by the dean on the basis of student leadership, professional promise, and academic achievement.

Van Doren Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students in good standing who demonstrate financial need. The W.E. Van Doren Scholarship Fund in the University of Illinois Foundation provides income for scholarship in the field of medicine and related healing arts. Applications are accepted in the fall and spring terms.

Department Scholarships and Awards

Helen M. Barton Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship (MVSC)
This scholarship is for undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition who have an interest in pursuing a career in research in the health sciences. Students conduct a small research project with a faculty member and have an opportunity to develop technical, analytical and communication skills while acquiring knowledge related to a scientific field. Students receive a stipend during the summer and are required to present their final work at the campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium. Applications available in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition.

Rita M. Finnegan Academic Achievement Award (HIM)
An annual award presented to a graduating senior in health information management who has excelled academically and whom the faculty feels has the potential to contribute to the profession, particularly through scholarly endeavors.

Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, Third District, Scholarship (OT)
Awarded annually to a student in occupational therapy demonstrating achievement and financial need; preference to students who live in the Third Congressional District, state of Illinois. Amount varies.

Kris and Savitri K. Kamath Scholarship (HN)
Kris and Savitri Kamath scholarship awarded for academic excellence of undergraduate and/or graduate students in human nutrition.

Lillian B. Torrance Scholarship (BVIS, OT, PT)
A gift from an alum and benefactor to be used as tuition and fee waivers for students in biomedical visualization, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, who have expressed an interest in rehabilitative activities or studies.

Beatrice D. Wade Scholarship (OT)
In honor of the first director of the curriculum in occupational therapy, awarded annually to the senior student with an outstanding commitment to occupational therapy. Amount varies.

University-Wide Scholarships and Awards

University Fellowships
University Fellowships are awarded to outstanding students on the basis of an all-campus competition. Two competitions for university fellowships are held each year. The first is limited to students who have been admitted to a graduate program at UIC but have not yet enrolled. The second competition is open to both continuing students and pre-matriculants. The fellowship has no work requirement, provides a tuition/service fee waiver and an annual stipend.   Students apply directly to their graduate program, which selects from among the applicants those it wishes to nominate for consideration. 

Minority Student Fellowships
The Abraham Lincoln, Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program, and Diversity Fellowship are available only to minority students. More information can be found at the Graduate College's web site.

Board of Trustees Tuition Waivers
A limited number of Board of Trustees tuition and service fee waivers are available to graduate students. Students must apply for waivers through the director of graduate studies in their programs. A Board of Trustees waiver provides waiver from tuition and the service fee only; the health insurance fee and other fees are the student’s responsibility.

Graduate Assistantships
Most of our graduate programs employ graduate students as teaching assistants (TAs), research assistants (RAs) or graduate assistants (GAs). The duties of TAs usually involve such activities as classroom instruction, supervision of laboratory sections, guidance of discussion sections, and grading assignments and/or examinations. RAs participate in research activities under the supervision of faculty members. In some instances the work of an RA may be related to thesis research; in others it may be entirely unrelated. GAs generally undertake clerical work in an academic department or administrative office.