Visit Us, University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC offers students the best of both worlds: a chance to learn at a top university, and the opportunity to do it in a world-class city.

With a variety of student activities, guest lectures, athletic events, and entertainment venues to choose from, you'll experience the richness of UIC's campus life. Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood minutes from downtown Chicago, UIC also offers easy access to the city's restaurants, nightlife, and numerous cultural attractions.

The city provides unique academic and extracurricular experiences that a small town simply can't: abundant opportunities for internships, clinical fieldwork, and volunteering. Through university partnerships with Chicago's health care organizations, businesses, hospitals, and community agencies, there are a multitude of ways for students to enrich their academic experience outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom, UIC offers a diverse learning environment. The university is dedicated to attracting the best and brightest from all backgrounds, particularly underrepresented minorities. The university's Urban Health Program specifically works to recruit, retain, and graduate students underrepresented in the health professions. The Urban Allied Health Academy at the College of Applied Health Sciences is part of this initiative, additionally offering a fellows program that prepares students for roles in diverse urban environments.

UIC's commitment to diversity has resulted in one of the most racially and ethnically diverse student bodies in the country.

Life at UIC