BS in Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Bachelor of Science in Disability and Human Development offers a comprehensive curriculum that fosters understandings of disability as a social, political, historical, cultural, and environmental phenomenon, not just a medical or biological condition. This program uses a disability studies approach to understanding disability and applies this approach within the broader framework of disability and human development to create a broad knowledge base for students. The proposed curriculum reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the program, which brings together the expertise of faculty within the Department of Disability and Human Development. Their expertise spans across disability policy, disability culture, performance and arts, history and literature, advocacy, rights, and social justice, family and community studies, assistive technology, and health disparities and health promotion.

The Bachelor of Science in Disability and Human Development uniquely explores disability as a complex biological, social, cultural, political, historical, and economic experience. This approach to disability, in itself, constitutes a unique curriculum that asks students to see disability as a contextual and changing phenomena. Further, the Department of Disability and Human Development mobilizes its relationships with community partners and disability organizations as well as its leadership within the fields of disability and human development and disability studies to provide students with a broad, interdisciplinary degree that blends theory, research, and practice. We mobilize the inter-professional makeup of our department to provide a truly comprehensive curriculum. The delivery method of the degree is face-to-face, although there are some limited online course offerings.



Maitha Abogado, Academic Coordinator
Office of Student Affairs
Phone: (312) 996-1508