Prospective Students, University of Illinois at Chicago

The UIC Department of Disability and Human Development offers intensive, graduate-level academic programs that prepare people for positions in research, teaching and public service related to disability. DHD also offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies in disability and human development as well as certificate and fellowship programs.

We conduct research and community-based service across the spectrum of disability, including advocacy, culture, education, health promotion, history, leadership, policy, and technology (See our Research Centers and Programs).

Why choose UIC?

Why disability studies matter

“The history of oppression of disabled people is unknown to most people, and so they see disability as an individual tragedy and not as political oppression.”

“Disability studies has the potential to make people see that the world has been designed to exclude many people with disabilities.”

- Excerpts from Why Disability Studies Matter, a 2005 essay by Lennard Davis, PhD, prof. of disability and human development

Jobs in disability studies

Our graduates are finding careers ranging from academic appointments in the burgeoning field of disability studies, to leadership positions in social service and governmental agencies, to advocacy positions in countries around the world.

But importantly, graduates of our program aren’t trained for a job. Instead, they’re educated in a perspective that will serve them wherever they choose to serve others.