Assistive Technology Certificate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Assistive Technology Certificate Program?
The Assistive Technology Certificate Program (ATCP) is a flexible packaging of 12 credit hours of Assistive Technology courses offered by the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). It is designed to advance the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver state of the art assistive technology services and solutions for people with physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities.

What courses are required to complete the ATCP?
All students are required to take DHD 440 Introduction to Assistive Technology which is 3 credit hours and then choose 9 more credits of electives.  Students are assigned an academic advisor to assist with course selection.

How long does it take to complete the program?
Most students take 3 credits of course work per term and complete the program with four terms.

Can the ATCP be completed entirely online? Yes.

Do you have to apply?
Yes. Admittance into the program is based on academic background, work experience, and how the student will put the knowledge to practice. The application deadline is July 15th. However, courses taken prior to admittance may be applied toward the ATCP. There is no application fee.

What is the cost of the certificate program?
Classes are offered at the same rate as all continuing education classes at UIC, a cost of $469 per semester credit hour. Therefore, the cost for a two credit-hour course is currently $938, and the cost for a three-credit hour course is currently $1,407. Tuition and fees are subject to change each semester. Financial aid is not available for courses taken through UIC Extended campus.

What are the academic requirements?
To earn the certificate, students must maintain a B average overall. Only courses with a grade of C and above can be counted towards completion requirements. Students may petition for transfer credit for AT courses from other institutions.

Am I earning graduate credit or CEU’s as I take the courses?
Students earn graduate semester credits for each course completed. Most professional organizations credit 10 CEUs for each semester hour of graduate study at an accredited university.

What do I receive at the end of the program?
A printed certificate stating completion of the Assistive Technology Certificate Program is issued to each student who has finished the 12 credit hours of UIC AT courses. “Certificate In Assistive Technology” and the courses will also be listed on the student’s official UIC transcript.