Minor in Disability and Human Development

Enrich your education, expand your perspective, and enhance your awareness of disability and diversity

UIC’s minor in disability and human development extends beyond the study of disability and examines various aspects of society that uniquely impact the experience and development of people living with disabilities.

The topic of disability is limited in many areas of study, but understanding and awareness is critical as we all experience disability. It’s important to appreciate the cultural context, complex history, and sociopolitical environment that impact the lives of people with disabilities and their position in the world.

Our program is home to faculty, researchers, and students with backgrounds in health, education, assistive technology, social sciences and humanities. We offer a unique opportunity to study the full complexity of disability with an interdisciplinary exploration including:

  • Healthcare
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • History
  • Legislation
  • Education
  • Social attitudes

Stats and Facts

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Why minor in disability and human development?

With a minor in DHD, you’ll gain an enhanced perspective and improved critical thinking skills—something useful both personally and professionally, regardless of your field of study.

Our program teaches you to view disability as much more than a medical condition. We investigate the experiences of people with disabilities in order to broaden your perspective at the start of your career. This will give you a foundation of analysis, observation, and empathy that will expand your thinking and prepare you for work in any field.

We welcome students from all areas of study to join our diverse, vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Learn from the best

  • Brian Grossman head shot

    Brian Grossman

    Focused on aging and disability as categories of exclusion and social policies as opportunities for (re)integration

  • Katherine Caldwell head shot

    Katherine Caldwell

    Researching employment and social policy with a focus on the experiences of people with disabilities

  • Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons head shot

    Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons

    Exploring the intersections of disability and aging, dementia, mental disabilities and neurodivergence, disability and identity, and disability in higher education


Our undergraduate minor in Disability and Human Development is open to majors from all UIC units and colleges. Before you apply, make sure you:

  • Have a minimum UIC GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Have consulted your home college about the acceptability and applicability of DHD course credit toward your degree


Submit your application online via our application form. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

What's next?

You’ll receive a decision by email during week 10. We make sure you’re notified on either decision—accepted or denied—before registration starts.

Registration for all DHD courses is restricted to students in the College of Applied Health Sciences, so you must register through a departmental academic advisor.

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Still wondering what a minor in disability and human development can do for you? Do you have questions about the application process that we haven’t answered? Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

You can contact DHD's Office of Student Affairs: