What to Expect

To minor in Disability and Human Development, you must complete a total of 13 semester hours.

Required courses

DHD 101 Disability in Society 3 hours
DHD 400 Capstone (taken in the final term of the Minor program) 1 hour

Elective courses

Select two
DHD 102 Disability in American Film 3 hours
DHD 201 Disability, Rights, and Culture 3 hours
DHD 202 Disability, Health, and Society 3 hours
DHD 203 Disability in World Cultures 3 hours
Select at least one
DHD 401 Foundations in Disability and Human Development 3 hours
DHD 403 Disability in Latino Communities 3 hours
DHD 404 Disability, Sexuality, and Health 3 hours
DHD 405 Exploring the Promise of the ADA 3 hours
DHD 440 Introduction to Assistive Technology 3 hours
DHD 450 Topics in Disability Studies 3 hours