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Office of the Dean

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Name Title Administrative Area Phone Email
Erika Arlene Chavez Director of Marketing and Communications Development 312-996-6385
Philip Clifford Associate Dean for Research Research 312-996-0723
Natalie Dagres Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations Finance 312-996-5522
Eileen Doran Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-2078
Bo Fernhall Dean Administration 312-996-6695
Bonnie Hughes Grant and Contract Specialist Research 312-413-3842
Demetra John Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-8217
John Juat Mac OSX Systems Administrator Information Technology 312-996-9781
Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson Director - Academic Support & Achievement Program Academic and Student Affairs 312-413-5656
Mary Keehn Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs Clinical Affairs 312-413-8119
Mike Kirda Director of Academic Information Technology Information Technology 312-996-8236
Laura La Vito Webmaster Marketing and Communications 312-996-8219
Denise Lee Administrative Clerk Administration 312-996-2068
Joelle Livermore Lantz Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs & Administration Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-1015
Kenneth Morgan Director - Urban Health Program Academic and Student Affairs 312-355-3011
Elaine Nicholas Director of Clinical Education Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-2077
Patty Pisman Coordinator for Student Affairs Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-2084
Sandra Rahbe Regulatory Support Coordinator Research 312-413-3961
Angela Riddle Office Administrator Academic and Student Affairs 312-996-2079
Elda Rubio Assistant Director for Resource Management Human Resources 312-996-4310
Jon Santanni Associate Dean for Administration Administration 312-413-9180
Faith Thurmond Business Administrative Associate Research 312-413-3854
Pedro Valencia Network Specialist Information Technology 312-996-4943
Hai Vu Assistant to the Dean Administration 312-996-5260
Edward Wang Statistician, Research Associate Professor Research 312-996-9143
Steve Zawadzki Accounting Associate Finance 312-996-7923

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