UIC Brand 2015


Where did this logo come from?

The logo was developed by students in a capstone design course in the UIC College of Architecture, Design and the Arts. Its vertical orientation is meant to echo the Chicago skyline. It also seeks to be strong, bold, dynamic and contemporary, which the student team found (through their research) to be qualities many stakeholders attributed to UIC as an institution.

I see the logos are available in red, white and black. Are those my only color choices?
Not exactly. Along with the new logos, UIC is rolling-out a new UIC Brand palette for the campus comprising three primary colors and nine secondary colors, but the logo will be not be downloadable in any of those additional colors. If you are working with a professional designer, he/she should be able to convert the files to another color from the approved color palette. (Select your color and provide the designer with the Pantone number for print pieces and/or the Hex number for web design.)

Why does the college name appear in a salmon color in logos in which it’s paired with a department name?
The color that appears "salmony" is actually the same red used for the department name, but it's used at a lower-percentage saturation. The red has been updated since the new brand debuted in early spring, which may mitigate the orangey-redness at least somewhat, but we should expect that the college name will still be a lighter shade than the department name when the two are paired.

I prefer the horizontal orientation of the logo that I’m finding through the link called “secondary lockup.” Can I just use that all the time?
UIC's central marketing office recognizes the practical challenges of the vertical logo. Therefore, they expect and approve widespread use of the horizontally oriented version, despite the fact that it is labeled as "secondary" on the logos website.

Do I have to throw out old stationery and order stock with the new logo on it?
No. There is no deadline by which the entire campus is expected to fully adopt the new logo, and its rollout will take time, so don’t rush to replace/waste your stock. If you still have old letterhead at the end of 2015, then maybe take it home for the children in your life to use for art projects.

What about my business cards? Should I throw those out?

Same as above re: letterhead. No need to waste them all just yet.

I need new business cards and/or letterhead. What should I do?
All stationery, in what is reportedly its final design, is now available for order from the Office of Publications via its website.

Is there electronic letterhead I can use?

Yes. The file for your department has been sent to heads and business managers in all departments, so please check with them to get your file.

Are there PowerPoint templates I can use?

Yes. You'll find them here. Brace yourself; they're very unusual. Hopefully you will find a useful first-slide design among the options, but it's almost certain you will need to modify the design of subsequent slides. If you need advice, contact Elizabeth Miller.

I have merchandise and giveaways with the old logo on it. Can I keep handing those out?
Yes. However, if you’re preparing to order some new novelty item, please have the new logo printed on it.

Will the AHS website be redesigned to accommodate the new logo?
It will, but most likely that change will be a part of the entire site's redesign, the process for which begins in summer 2015.

Will there be a variation of the logo for use as "profile pictures" on social media?
This issue has not yet been addressed. Until it has, continue using the icons you’ve been using for social media and similar purposes.


For information and tips about the NEW campus logo and branding, make sure to check out our FAQs!

UIC-themed PowerPoint templates and all NEW official logos for the campus, college and departments are always available for download (in multiple formats and sizes) through the Marketing Toolbox on the website of the UIC Office of Marketing and Brand Management.

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