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Course offerings largely follow the undergraduate curriculum of majors in the Applied Health Sciences. Based on demand, this includes most upper-level kinesiology courses and a handful of core science classes. Ask us first but also know there are lots of other great resources.

Spring 2019 walk-in tutor schedule

You can simply show up for scheduled tutor hours below; we have limited walk-in tutor hours. Please consider making an appointment!

If the TIMES or COURSES below do not fit your needs, request a tutor at: go.uic.edu/ASAPTutorRequest

KN 251/252Natalya 2-4:00Sami 2-4:30Hiba 12-12:45
Hiba 2-3:30
Tori 9-12
Alyssa 12-1:30
Sami 3-4:30
Alex 10-12
Hiba 1:30-2:30
KN 152Hiba 2-3:30Hiba 1:30-2:30
KN 200Alyssa 11-12Alyssa 9-11
KN 261Sami 3-4:30Sami 3-4:30
KN 352Alli 12:30-2:30Alli 12:30-2:30
KN 361Alli 12:30-2:30Sami 2-4:30Alli 12:30-2:30Tori 9-12
Sami 3-4:30
KN 372Aman 12:30-2:30Aman 12:30-2:30
KN 410Aman 12:30-2:30Aman 12:30-2:30
KN 472Sami 2-4:30Sami 3-4:30
CHEM 101Esraa 1:30-2:30Esraa 10-12
CHEM 122-124Esraa 1:30-2:30Esraa 10-12
CHEM 232Alli 12:30-2:30Alli 12:30-2:30
PHYS 105/106Anjali 11-2
STAT 101Anjali 11-2

All other courses not listed are by request appointments

Satellite Locations

HN 308/309 (AHSB 5th Floor West Campus)Cassandra 4-6 pm

(By request only)

Note: There will be NO tutoring during finals week!

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