Apr 17

Life beyond bench: Non-profit organizations and you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

CHIentist is hosting an event dedicated to science & healthcare non-profit organizations in Chicago: “Life beyond bench: Non-profit organizations and you!”

Event covers NPO’s contributions to scientific community and public:

  • Operating on a mission driven culture – progress comes from caring about a cause
  • Driving a connection between innovation and funding
  • Providing a diverse range of jobs (customers, collaborators, consultants) allowing for valuable collaboration
  • Use of unique and effective funding models
  • Incubators and maker spaces allow for personal and collective entrepreneurship
  • The incorporation of philanthropy and caring into the Science sector
  • Advocating for increased diversity in STEM Education

The event will feature a Panel Discussion with leaders of NPOs who will discuss the ways in which non-profits contribute to science, healthcare and keeping public scientifically engaged! Learn about their personal insights gained from working within different types of Science-based NPOs, and discover how you can contribute to science, even when not hands-on at the bench.


Philip S. Clifford, PhD