AHS Approval

Have your application ready and just need our approval? Make sure you submit your application to us 48 hours prior to the ORS deadline. We review and then submit it to ORS. After submission, the PAF number is emailed to the PI and business manager.

Electronic submissions should be sent to ahs-research@listserv.uic.edu. Physical submissions can be delivered to Michelle Belcher (751 AHSB), Faith Thurmond (755 AHSB), or left after hours in the secure mailbox between 751 and 755 AHSB.

Each application package should include:

  • The completed PAF with all signatures
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Abstract
  • Biosketch
  • Grant agency coversheet and checklist (NIH)
  • All letters which require college and/or institutional signatures
  • ICR waiver with RFP documentation (if relevant)
  • Cost-share agreement/letter (if relevant)

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