Proposal Services

Working on a new grant application? We’re here to help you through all the steps of developing, reviewing and submitting your proposal.

We can help you create your budget, find and complete all the forms you need, and even identify opportunities for external review to improve your odds of funding.

Development process

Here’s a look at how our development process works:

  1. PI sends an email to regarding proposal submission and provides a copy of the RFA or URL. Set a date with us to discuss grant specifics—this date should be 4-6 weeks prior to submission.
  2. Proposal preparation meeting: Discussion may include creation of budget, collection of biosketches, letters of support, and collaboration with other departments/units/colleges. We mutually agree on target due dates for when specific budget and grant information will be provided. Within a few days of meeting, we send a proposal-specific timeline and a preliminary draft budget for the PI’s review.
  3. Grant formatting: At least 2 weeks prior to sponsor deadline. PI provides us with final text content electronically in Word so we can format/spell check and convert to pdf files for uploading to sponsor
  4. Proposal Approval Form (PAF) process: At least 10 business days for electronic submissions prior to sponsor deadline. Abstract, final budget, and budget justification, biosketch and all other required documentation necessary to assemble the PAF package is completed and signatures are obtained from all necessary individuals. The complete, signed PAF package is taken to UIC ORS.
  5. Grant assembling: 7 business days prior to submission deadline. We assemble the grant and the PI checks final packet. We send complete grant via e-mail to UIC ORS.

Important numbers

Stats and Facts

Fringe rate after July 1, 2016, 40.23% until June 30, 2016
Indirect costs after July 1, 2016, 59.8% until June 30, 2016
Indirect costs off-campus

AHS approval

Have your application ready and just need our approval? Make sure you submit your application to us 48 hours prior to the ORS deadline. We review and then submit it to ORS. After submission, the PAF number is emailed to the PI and business manager.

Electronic submissions should be sent to Physical submissions can be delivered to Bonnie Hughes (751 AHSB), Faith Thurmond (755 AHSB), or left after hours in the secure mailbox between 751 and 755 AHSB.

Each application package should include:

  • The completed PAF with all signatures
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Abstract
  • Biosketch
  • Grant agency coversheet and checklist (NIH)
  • All letters which require college and/or institutional signatures
  • ICR waiver with RFP documentation (if relevant)
  • Cost-share agreement/letter (if relevant)

External review

Other universities have found that pre-submission review of grant proposals improves the odds for funding. The AHS Office of Research will facilitate for external review of grant proposals for AHS faculty.

This initiative is intended to increase the success rate of faculty applying for major external research grants, including any federal agency (e.g., NIH, NSF, AHRQ, HRSA, DOE, DOD, USDA, PCORI, etc) or large foundations (e.g., ADA, AHA, MDA, NMSS, Autism Speaks, Chicago Community Trust, Robert Wood Johnson, Kessler).

One month prior to the submission deadline, the PI will submit an electronic copy of the proposal to the Office of Research and discuss potential reviewers with the Associate Dean for Research. The reviewer should be a recognized expert in the subject matter, not a collaborator of the PI, and not a current member of the panel which will review the proposal.

The reviewer will have two weeks to return a critical evaluation and recommendations for enhancing the competitiveness of the proposal. This service will be compensated with a modest honorarium.

All full-time AHS faculty may take advantage of this service for one application per calendar year.

Please contact Dr. Clifford for questions or to get assistance with your next grant proposal.