PhD in Kinesiology and Nutrition, University of Illinois at Chicago

Drawing upon and integrating subject matter from a variety of disciplines, this PhD program teaches research skills necessary to acquire new knowledge, as well as the theoretical foundations, research methodologies, and scientific writing and teaching/presentation skills required to transmit this knowledge through publication and teaching.

This is an advisor-driven program and the specific areas of investigation mirror the expertise of the advising graduate faculty. Areas of interest include Exercise physiology, Exercise psychology, Health promotion, Human Nutrition, Integrative pathophysiology, Muscoloskeletal biomechanics and more. See list of faculty associated with the program for more details.

Before applying prospective students are highly encouraged to contact faculty members whose research interests match their own to assess the likelihood of a potential match. The program rarely admits students who have not had prior contacts with prospective advisors.

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There are no course requirements as this is an advisor-driven program. The specific course of study is determined on an individual basis by the student and faculty advisor. Examples of possible courses are provided below. A minimum of 9 credit hours of 500-level courses must be letter-graded courses (A to F).

PhD Thesis Research

Students must earn at least 32 hours using a 599 rubric (PhD Thesis Research)