Fieldwork allows you to apply the theory and skills you learn in the classroom in a practice setting.


In UIC’s MS in Occupational Therapy program, fieldwork experiences are separated into four placements.

  • Level IA fieldwork involves students working together to develop, implement, and evaluate group activities designed to address the psychological and social needs of the clients in a community agency.
  • Level IB fieldwork is specifically designed with an emphasis on helping you develop¬†professional behaviors, beginning practice skills, and an understanding and appreciation of psychosocial issues influencing engagement in occupation. This is a four-week affiliation in the summer after the first year of classes.
  • Level II fieldwork focuses on the application of occupational therapy theory, and the development of clinical reasoning and skills to become a competent entry-level generalist occupational therapist. This experience consists of two, 12-week affiliations, in differing areas of practice, at the conclusion of the classroom portion of the program.

Setting and location

You’ll engage in a variety of clinical and community-based fieldwork experiences. We¬†feels that it’s important for you to receive experience in a variety of settings such as physical disabilities, psychosocial disabilities, pediatrics and community sites.

We have affiliations with multiple community and clinical sites throughout the country. Not all fieldwork sites are in the Chicagoland area or are accessible by public transportation, therefore all incoming students must be prepared to:

  1. travel more than one hour each way to fieldwork sites,
  2. have a car to travel to fieldwork sites, and
  3. relocate outside of the Chicagoland area for one experience.

You must be prepared to bear any additional cost of fieldwork including gas, parking, housing and meals. Students who are primary caregivers for their children or other relatives or who have health conditions that require them to remain in the Chicago area are exempt from relocation.

At the conclusion of all fieldwork assignments, you’ll function at an entry-level degree of competency and eligible to sit for the Certification Examination for Occupational Therapy Registered.