Deepika Laddu-Patel

Deepika Laddu

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

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Dr. Laddu received her PhD in nutritional sciences, with a minor in medical pharmacology from the University of Arizona. She recently completed her postdoctoral fellowship in cardiovascular disease prevention research at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (Stanford University).

Dr. Laddu specializes in cardiovascular disease and metabolic health epidemiology with a primary focus on body composition, bone development, and physical functioning in pediatric and aging populations. Her overarching research agenda is to focus on chronic disease prevention throughout the life-course by applying appropriate lifestyle and behavioral interventions. As an extension of her doctoral work, Dr. Laddu has focused much of her research to understanding the underlining concepts of the “obesity paradox,” specifically in regards to regional fat patterning and redistribution, and skeletal muscle quality and function as related to sarcopenia, cardio-metabolic diseases and bone health.


Postdoctoral fellow, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Stanford University School of Medicine
PhD, Nutritional Sciences, University of Arizona
BS, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Chemistry, University of Arizona