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Please look at our prerequisite blog here to stay organized and have any of your prerequisite questions answered.

Prerequisite courses are expressed in terms of semesters. Three quarter courses are regarded as the equivalent of two semester courses. Ideally, required science and math courses will have been taken within five years of application. Science and math courses taken before that time will be considered as meeting requirements for prerequisites but may weaken an applicant's potential for admission. Applicants for Fall 2017 must have completed, by the end of the Summer 2016 semester, a minimum of seven semesters of the science math prerequisite courses.

Science Prerequisites

(must have lab components, carry at least four credit hours including lab, and qualify for majoring in the sciences)  

Other Prerequisites

These courses must carry at least three credit hours.

* Or a year of human anatomy/physiology combined.
** Pre-calculus does not satisfy this prerequisite. Calculus for mathematics, engineering, or natural science is preferred, but business calculus is accepted.

Advanced Placement credit courses must appear on a college transcript to be considered for satisfaction of a prerequisite. 

Please look at our prerequisite blog here to stay organized and have any of your prerequisite questions answered.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for prerequisite courses as taught at UIC are provided here to assist you in selecting courses at your chosen school and to assist your local school counselors in advising you on which courses to take that are most likely to be equivalent to the prerequisite courses. 

Introductory Psychology Requirement

Abnormal or Developmental Psychology Requirement

 Statistics Requirement

General Biology Requirement

Human Anatomy & Human Physiology Requirements

General Chemistry Requirement

Calculus Requirement

General Physics Requirement

Clinical Experiences

40 hours of physical therapy experiences of observing, volunteering, or working are required to be completed at the time of application. It is recommended that the experiences be of different specialties. The more extensive and varied the physical therapy experiences, the better the applicant will be prepared for elements of the program and that preparation may be reflected in application review. 

Applicants may consult hospitals, nursing homes, community organizations (e.g., Easter Seals, United Cerebral Palsy, or March of Dimes), home health agencies (e.g., Visiting Nurses Association), health maintenance organizations, or stand-alone physical therapy clinics (consult Yellow Pages phone directory) for opportunities to observe physical therapy. The UIC Department of Physical Therapy does not assist applicants in finding a volunteer placement.

Clinical experiences are documented on PTCAS.