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Phillips, Shane A

Academic Title

Associate Head, Physical Therapy

Contact Info

Phone: 312-355-0277
Email: shanep@uic.edu
Office Location: 1919 W. Taylor St. (AHSB), Room 746

Program Affiliations

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences, PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences, PhD in Kinesiology and Nutrition, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program
UIC Department of Medicine; Visiting Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy at the Federal University of Sao Carolos, SP Brazil; Guest Professor University of Osijek Faculty of Medicine, Osijek, Croatia

Brief Bio

Shane Phillips is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and in the Department of Medicine (Endocrinology and Metabolism Division) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Phillips has clinical expertise in acute and critical care physical therapy and cardiovascular rehabilitation. After his PhD degree in physiology was completed at the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI), he completed post-doctoral training in Cardiovascular Medicine in 2006 at the same institution. He is Director of the Vascular Biology Laboratory in the College of Applied Health Sciences where he studies obesity and the control of blood flow and cardiovascular responses to diet and exercise interventions. Other research interests include obesity and weight loss effects on vascular health. Phillips serves on the editorial board for the American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology, the journal Microcirculation, and on scientific review panels of the American Heart Association. His laboratory is currently funded by the National Institute of Health with previous funding from the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Research, the Department of Physical Therapy, and the American College of Sports Medicine.


The long term goals of the Vascular Biology Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago include the development of exercise and dietary interventions for optimal cardiovascular health. More specifically Dr. Phillips’ lab is interested in identifying the molecular and cellular mechanisms whereby obesity and elevations in blood pressure during certain exercise interventions (resistance and aerobic) might threaten the health of the vascular endothelium (a critical milestone in the development of atherosclerotic heart disease).

Current Research:
In our laboratory we identified a differential effect of a single weight lifting session on vascular endothelial health (assessed by measuring FMD of the brachial artery) in physically active compared to sedentary populations. Despite similar elevations in arterial pressure in both groups, sedentary subjects had severely reduced endothelial FMD. Since brachial FMD is mediated by NO and correlates with coronary function, whether this mode of this treatment is beneficial or detrimental to cardiovascular health remains a clinically important question. Thus, we believe that acute hypertension induced by exertion may represent a vascular “stress test” for predicting the level of vascular protection when cardiovascular health appears otherwise normal. The goal of our laboratory is to apply these techniques to 1) determine the effectiveness of exercise training and nutrition intervention programs on endothelial integrity for populations at risk for heart disease and 2) Determine the molecular mechanisms whereby chronic exercise protects against stress and obesity induced vascular endothelial dysfunction.

Selected Publications

Varady K.S., Bhutani S., Church E.C., and Phillips S.A. Adipokine responses to acute resistance exercise in trained and untrained men. MSSE 42: 456-462. 2010.

Kizhakekuttu T.J., Gutterman D.D., Phillips S.A., Jurva J.W., Arthur E.I., Das E., Widlansky M.E. Measuring FMD in the Brachial Artery: How important is QRS-gating? J Appl Physiol 109: 959-965. 2010. PMID: 20671033

Varady K.S., Bhutani S., Church E.C., and Phillips S.A. Adipokine responses to acute resistance exercise in trained and untrained men. MSSE 42: 456-462. 2010. PMID:19952805

Varady K.A., Bhutani S., Klempel M., Phillips S.A. Improvements in vascular health by a low-fat diet, but not a high-fat diet, are mediated by changes in adipocyte biology. Nutr J 10:8. 2011. PMID: 21251283

Phillips S.A., Das E.K., Wang J., Pritchard K., Gutterman D.D.. Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Protect Against Acute Endothelial Impairment Induced by a Single Exposure to Hypertension during Exertion. J Appl Physiol 110: 1013-1020. 2011. PMID: 21252216

Current Grants and Contracts

Mechanisms of Exertional Hypertension and Vascular Dysfunction
Role: PI
08/25/07-06/30/13 (extension)

Effects of low carbohydrate and low fat diets on endothelium function in human obesity
Role: PI
08/13/10 – 06/30/15

Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health Related Research
Role: PI and mentor
05/09/11 – 07/30/13

Intradialytic protein supplementation and exercise training in dialysis patients
Role: Co-I (PI: Wilund)
09/01/10 – 08/31/15

Post doctoral training
Diabetes, Nutrition, and Obesity Training Program
The goal is to provide the highest level of research training in diabetes, nutrition, and obesity.
Role: Faculty mentor (PI: Unterman)
07/01/10 – 06/30/15

Current Activities


Post-doctoral Fellowship, Cardiovascular Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2006
PhD in Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2004
MPT, Marquette University, 2000
BS in Human Biology, Marquette University, 1998

Professional Experience

2011- present - Associate Professor (with tenure), Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Medicine (Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism), University of Illinois at Chicago
2010- present - Associate Head, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Illinois at Chicago
2007-2011 - Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
2007-2011 - Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Illinois at Chicago
2007 - Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
2007 - Assistant Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin
2006-2007 - Instructor, Department of Medicine (Cardiovascular), Medical College of Wisconsin
2006-2007 - Instructor, Department of Surgery (Trauma Critical Care) Medical College of Wisconsin