Urban Allied Health Academy

The Urban Allied Health Academy serves to further the mission of the College of Applied Health Sciences through its focus on healthcare in the urban environment and its promotion of professional-development activities. The Academy is dedicated to enhancing students’ experience and appreciation of cultural differences and circumstances and how they impact healthcare delivery and contribute to health disparities. 

All students in the College of Applied Health Sciences are considered members of the Urban Allied Health Academy and are encouraged to take advantage of our events, including lectures, films, field trips and book group/media discussions focusing on broader issues of health and social justice. Students of the college are anticipated to develop an expanded view of what it means to work to advance the health of others.

The Academy offers all students of the college opportunities for:

If multicultural knowledge and service-learning are of particular interest to you, we encourage you to join the Academy’s Fellows Program to enhance your academic learning and enrich your resume with experiences that build cultural competency.  

Taking advantage of your membership in the Academy will inform and enlighten your ideas of health and healthcare service delivery.