Why Give?

Your gift directly impacts our ability to create new knowledge, transform healthcare practice and social systems, and prepare students to positively impact the lives of Chicago residents and other communities around the world. This is your opportunity to help AHS exceed its mission.

Prepare students to effect change

We thrive in our urban environment, connecting with and serving our community, preparing students to positively impact the lives of residents of Chicago and other communities around the globe. Accessible academic excellence is our priority. Our student population, like the rest of UIC, includes a large percentage of first-generation college students and students from under-resourced backgrounds. To attract and retain students and maximize their potential, we must increase our competitive edge by offering generous scholarship packages.

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If I could talk directly to donors who support the AHS Scholarship Fund, I’d tell them this: Knowing people like you care so much about students whom you don’t even know motivates me to work even harder in my classes. I will treat your donation like an investment in me as I strive to graduate with excellent grades and go on to medical school. Also, it’s become one of my personal goals to join you someday—to become a donor myself who can make a difference for another student like you have made for me.
Bakir Dzananovic  |  AHS Class of 2018

Empower individuals to lead healthy lives

We are a dynamic community of scholars, educators, practitioners and students, committed to empowering individuals to lead the lives they choose. Our faculty and students explore the intersection of health, disability, prevention and rehabilitation through diverse research across the college. Faculty members explore such concerns as stroke rehabilitation, fall prevention, educational approaches for minority students with disabilities, and support systems for African American women with cancer. Your donation empowers us to empower others.

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The education I received at AHS forms part of the foundation that has helped me pursue my love for learning and the curiosity to explore new ideas. As an alumna, member of the AHS Advisory Council and AHS donor, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on your success and give what you can to help current and future AHS students with a donation today.
Carol Blindauer '83 BS NUT

Transform healthcare practice and social systems

We apply our research directly to the communities we serve—across Chicagoland, the nation and in 24 countries around the world. Our faculty and students provide free physical education at Chicago Public Schools, offer physical and occupational therapy to impoverished populations in Peru, and use our mobile Assistive Technology Unit to evaluate homes of disabled Chicagoans and improve quality of life. Our broad-based research contributes new knowledge, therapies and interventions that directly improve individual well-being and impact the delivery of healthcare. Your donation funds transformative research.

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Alumni and donor generosity inspires me in more ways than you can imagine. The relief of financial stress via scholarship support allows me to expand my educational, personal and healthcare provider knowledge far beyond the walls of a classroom.
Samantha Caravette  |  AHS Class of 2018

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I am excited to serve our alumni and donors, and look forward to facilitating your philanthropic support of the college, its departments, people and initiatives. Whether funding student scholarships or travel awards, faculty research or recruitment, your contributions have a meaningful and profound impact.

You can contact Keenan Cutsforth at: