Casey Garr

Casey grew up in Pennsylvania and completed her undergraduate education at High Point University in North Carolina.  She started her undergraduate career as a Biology major with the goal of becoming a doctor.  However, the summer after her freshman year of college, she traveled with her school on a trip called The Grand Tour of Italy.  This trip, in which students sketched and studied artwork throughout the major cities of Italy, renewed her lifelong interest in art and put her on the path towards discovering medical illustration.  Following the trip, she added a Studio Art major and started working towards her new goal of combining two of her passions – science and art – into one fulfilling career.  Her desire to follow the Biomedical Visualization path was strengthened even more so after completing a summer internship with 3D4Medical in Dublin, Ireland.  She graduated High Point University in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art.

Through the UIC BVIS program, Casey is very excited to explore the different pathways a career in Biomedical Visualization offers.  At the moment, she is especially interested in exploring 3D modeling, graphic design, and virtual reality, and cannot wait to see where the next two years take her!