Julia Bendon

Julia was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but moved to Boston, Massachusetts, for her undergraduate career. In 2015, she received a bachelor of science in biopsychology from Tufts University. She spent her first year after graduation teaching biology and math to high school students, but shortly discovered that she wanted to incorporate her love for art with her interest in science. With medical illustration in mind, Julia spent the following year developing her artistic skills at the Manifest Drawing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As a first-year student, Julia is exploring a variety of media, technologies, and applications in biomedical visualization. She is particularly interested in learning to use animation and 3D software and applying them to innovate purposes in the field.

While in school, Julia would like to combine her interest in nutritional science with biomedical visualization. After graduation, she hopes to apply her skills in technological media to a variety of fields. Specifically, Julia would like to explore medical illustration’s role in medical legal applications and continue her work with the various ways medical illustration can impact nutritional science.