Lisa Revette

Until moving to Chicago, Lisa had lived in Richmond, VA her entire life, attending undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University. She went in with a plan to get an art degree and no knowledge of medical illustration, but thankfully VCU had a program designed to prepare students for such a career.  Leaving undergrad with a major in Communication Arts and quite a few extra sciences classes under her belt, Lisa headed to UIC.

Currently, Lisa’s main focus is on learning human anatomy while powering through the smell of formaldehyde. During the time she isn’t chiseling through a spinal column, she has courses focused on learning the fundamental artistic and mental techniques necessary to succeed in medical illustration. She is most looking forward to learning new digital programs that will give her a better feel for 3D modeling.

With interests in both traditional artistic skillsets and digital 3D, Lisa isn’t married to any specific technique for her future career. Her goal is to work towards better education on mental health issues, helping to reduce stigma and encouraging people to seek the medical services they need.