Logan Weihe

Logan is from Louisville, Kentucky and went to Murray State University in Kentucky to complete her BS in Studio Art, with a focus in oil painting, and biology minor. She became interested in medical illustration as she began trying to integrate her passion for art and her strong interest in science into one pursuit. Logan is eager to explore the combination of technical art skills, computer modeling/animation and the sciences at a professional level, entering the UIC Biomedical Visualization Program in 2017.

Logan is interested in translating her traditional fine art skills into digital media and learning new ways to draw, paint and model with a computer. She is currently fascinated with the cadaver dissection in anatomy lab and enjoys sketching the dissections. Logan hopes to take classes in microbiology and interactive media to explore visualizing and better understanding the abstract microscopic world.

Upon graduation from the UIC Biomedical Visualization Program Logan hopes to work as a certified medical illustrator, creating visualizations that allow complex scientific information to seem more accessible and entrancing. She aspires to advocate for interdisciplinary study in school, especially involving the arts, and hopes to one day be a freelance medical illustrator that works for a variety of clients in different fields.