What to Expect

A total of 36 credit hours are required to successfully complete our program. Full-time students take a minimum of nine credit hours (3 courses) per term over four terms (two academic years). You may request to take fewer credit hours per term as a part-time student.

Required courses

DHD 101 Disability in U.S. Society (3 credits)
DHD 103 Radical Inclusion I: Foundations in I/DD (3 credits)
DHD 104 Radical Inclusion II: Contemporary Issues in I/DD (3 credits)
DHD 304 Disability Innovation Lab (3 credits)
DHD 390 Community Internship (12 credits over 4 terms)

Elective courses

Students are required to complete 12 credit hours (four courses) of courses offered by the Department of Disability and Human Development as electives. Students work with an academic advisor to select elective courses that best fit their academic and professional goals.

Student support

You’ll have access to UIC resources including the Disability Resource Center, Disability Cultural Center, and Academic Support and Achievement Program.

We have a dedicated team to provide additional support and resources including a full-time academic advisor, academic coach, and career coach.

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