Apr 21

Health Equity & Ethics Series: The Next Act – Transforming the Conversation into Action

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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Transforming Community Conversations about COVID-19 to Action

The Health Equity & Ethics Series brings together community members and UIC experts from across professions to:

  • share stories of injustice and invisibility in healthcare,
  • seek to understand issues of health and wellness from many views, and
  • develop action-focused, real-life solutions that build on community strengths, are guided by ethical values, and are informed by our shared wisdom.

March 31 – April 21, 2021
Every Wednesday
4-5:30 PM

March 31: Setting the Stage for Transformational Conversations

April 7
: Exploring Intersectionality and Social Vulnerability

April 14
: Uncovering Disability Bias and Discrimination in Healthcare

April 21
: The Next Act – Transforming the Conversation into Action

The heart and soul of healthcare begins and ends with the patient story – and not just the patient’s but the story as experienced by those who surround them – spouses, children, grandchildren, faith communities, neighbors, work colleagues, friends, and many others. Each panel will be anchored in a facilitated dialogue about a personal story of harm experienced during COVID-19. These experiences involve illness, suffering, loss, exclusion, invisibility, deprioritization, and injustice. We are deeply grateful to these individuals who are willing to share and afford us the opportunity to learn from and be inspired to pursue transformative action.

This series features a national panel of caregivers, patients, community members, and other experts from across the country. We look forward to your participation in the conversation – through the live Q&A as well as a community discussion board (available soon).


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