Apr 21

Spring 2021 BioInformatics Workshop Series: Pathway Analysis

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

9:00 AM - 4:45 PM

The UIC Research Informatics Core is presenting a
series of full-day hands-on bioinformatics workshops.
Common bioinformatics techniques and methods will be reviewed, with an emphasis on practical skills, quality control, and data interpretation.

Session Details
Title: “Pathway Analysis”

Review and discussion of databases, statistical methods, and tools available for pathway analysis, including Gene Ontology, KEGG, MSigDB/GSEA, and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). Network analysis and visualizations discussed as well.

Where: Online (via Zoom)

Cost: $125/day ($550 for all days)

External rates (non-CBC): $180/day, $880 all days

Computer Requirements: Computer with at least 4GB RAM. Windows, Mac, or Linux. Access to two screens is recommended but not required.

NOTE: workshops are typing-intensive: exercises will be performed exclusively on your keyboard, without the mouse. Mastery of basic typing skills, including touch typing, is strongly recommended.

See RSVP for registration and more details. (In order to register you will need an iLab account)

Space is limited – Act now!

Cancellation Policy: Notification must be given two weeks prior to the scheduled workshop.
*Pre-requisite policy: The March 10 – April 21 workshop days assume knowledge and skills that will be covered in the Introduction to R workshop (February 24). Registration for the February 24 pre-requisite day is strongly recommended unless the attendee is confident in their abilities, or has attended an RIC Introduction to R workshop in the past. If an attendee opts out of pre-requisite workshop days, they assume full responsibility for the level of skill required for the later workshop days. No refunds or discounts or supplementary lessons will be given.


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