AHS Approval

All applications for external research funding need college-level approval.  Make sure you submit your application to us 48 hours prior to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) deadline.  We review and then forward it to UIC Sponsored Programs.

After obtaining the approvals of the PI, the corresponding department head or business manager and of other participating investigators and their corresponding department head or business manager, route the Proposal Application Form (ePAF) to Michelle Belcher (mmbelch@uic.edu), Nousheen Islam (nislam3@uic.edu) and Faith Thurmond (faithmnd@uic.edu) for college approval.

The ePAF must be accompanied by:

  • The budget
  • The budget justification
  • The abstract/project summary
  • All letters that require AHS signature and approval (e.g. cost sharing)
  • All forms that need AHS approval/signature (e.g. F&A waiver requests)
  • Sponsor’s documentation regarding Indirect Cost Rate (when not using full rate), salary cap, or other requirements

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