Proposal Development

Working on a new grant application? We’re here to help you through all the steps of developing, reviewing, and submitting your proposal. We can help you create your budget, find and complete all the required forms, and route the application for requisite signatures.

Development process

Here’s a look at how the proposal development process works:

  1. PI sends an email to regarding proposal submission and provides a copy of the RFA or URL. Set a date with us to discuss grant specifics—this date should be 4-6 weeks prior to submission.
  2. Proposal preparation meeting: Discussion may include creation of budget, collection of biosketches, letters of support, and collaboration with other departments/units/colleges. We mutually agree on target due dates for when specific budget and grant information will be provided. Within a few days of meeting, we send a proposal-specific timeline and a preliminary draft budget for the PI’s review.
  3. Grant formatting: At least 2 weeks prior to sponsor deadline. PI provides us with final text content electronically in MS Word so we can format/spell check and convert to pdf files for uploading to sponsor.
  4. Proposal Approval Form (PAF) process: At least 10 business days for electronic submissions prior to sponsor deadline. Abstract, final budget, and budget justification, biosketch and all other required documentation necessary to assemble the PAF package is completed and signatures are obtained from all necessary individuals. The complete, signed PAF package is delivered via email to UIC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).
  5. Grant assembling: 7 business days prior to submission deadline. We assemble the grant and the PI checks final packet. We send complete grant via e-mail to UIC OSP.

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