Spring 2022 AHS student awards recipients

Congratulations to members of the AHS Class of 2022 who received the following honors:

Andrea Adap ’22  BS RS

The AHS Achievement Award which is given to one student from each program, selected by the faculty, based on their overall academic performance and their potential for becoming an outstanding practitioner in their field, and who have demonstrated leadership or provided service to the campus or their profession.  Awardees are selected from the graduating class for each academic year.

Alison Bode ’21 MS OT
Amanda N. Montoney ’22 BS DHD
Anastasia Beiriger ’22 MS BVIS
Andrea Adap ’22  BS RS
Angeli Mata ’22 DPT
Chun-Shan (Sandie) Yi ’22 PhD DIS
Francisco Rivera ’22 BS NUT
Jarrett Wolske ’22  OTD
Jennifer Sher ’22 MS NUT
Katie Lynn O’Neill ’22  MS DHD
Kimberly Sanchez-Quintero ’22 BS KINES
Nethra Naresh ’22  BS HIM
Royce Chandler Jr. ’22 BS NUT
Tippawan Kaewmanee ’22  PhD RS