Announcement: A note from the AHS webmaster

Hi AHS colleagues,

I am the AHS full-time webmaster (and designer), Heidi Schlehlein. I facilitate updates to the AHS website and AHS-affiliated websites. Each AHS department has a content manager that helps make updates to their department web pages and has a good understanding of the structure of the website. I work directly with department content managers around various website-related projects, and in most cases, they should be your first point of contact for any web-related needs. However, if you have questions about a lab website, or have questions about your AHS profile, please contact me directly. I created the flowchart below to help explain who to contact for the most common web-related requests. Please print it out and post it on your desk for future reference, since I understand that web-related needs may only come up once or twice a year.

My role is to help ensure the AHS website is cohesive across all departments and pages, and that the user can find the information they need within a few clicks. I also track Google Analytics on the AHS website and lab sites. Such information includes what content users are seeking out the most, general demographics of our users, and how many hits a page gets. Analytics can be a powerful tool to help shape the user’s experience on your department pages. If you have specific questions about analytics for your department pages, feel free to email me or reach out during my office hours.

To further help with web-related questions, I will hold weekly open office hours on Tuesdays from 2 to 5 p.m. Please join my Zoom meeting and come with any questions related to the AHS website, lab websites or your web profile.

I look forward to connecting more with the AHS community!