ASAP’s plan to support AHS undergraduate students during the 2020 fall semester

Dear AHS students, faculty, and staff,
The Academic Support and Achievement Program’s (ASAP) physical space will be temporarily closed for the fall 2020 semester with a tentative plan to reopen the physical space in spring 2021. We have diligently prepared to serve undergraduate students and have transitioned our services to online platforms.

This fall, ASAP will offer tutoring for 24 courses utilizing the Blackboard Collaborate platform. The courses are as follows: KN 152, KN 251/3, KN 252/4, KN 261, KN 200, KN 352, KN 361, KN 372, KN 472, BIOS 110, CHEM 101, CHEM 122, CHEM 124, CHEM 232, ENGL 160/161, MATH 121, MATH 180, HN 308, DHD 101, DHD 102, DHD 201, AHS 365, AHS 325, AHS 330.

Tutor appointment request: Most tutoring will be arranged by an appointment request. Students may request a private request at anytime and the student will be matched within 2 business days. Tutors for these classes will be reaching out to you with a video introductions that may appear in those respective classes blackboard site. Be sure to check them out.

KN 251/253 Daily Drop-Ins: “Drop-in” tutoring starts in week 1! Our aim is to offer approximately 2-3 hours daily during off peak hours and weekends to aid students who might need additional support when access to labs and professors may not be readily available. The schedule will become available on our ASAP website the Friday before school begins. Students may see that schedule here.

Tutor review sessions for exams: We’ve learned that topic focused review tutoring sessions lead for a better tutor experience, our tutors may offer adhoc review sessions in coordination with professors for upcoming exams.

Our workshop mentor team is comprised of seasoned staff who offer strategy support for classroom success. Traditionally workshops are offered in person through one-on-one mentorship or in small groups. These workshops will continue to be offered with the use of ASAP’s blackboard course utilizing Blackboard Collaborate.

Workshops offerings and delivery: Most workshops are prerecorded and available as an asynchronous (a) experience for students. Although we encourage students to schedule one of our interactive synchronous (s) workshop sessions by private request.  All workshops can be found on the AHS student resources support webpage.

Workshops Include:
E-Learning Strategies – Newly developed this summer, this workshops offers a general overview of the components needed to be a successful virtual learner, including how to budget your time, cater your environment to your needs, remove distractions, implement discipline, and evaluate your hurdles to success. (a)(s)
Time Management – Interactive steps which enable students to see how they currently utilize their time, and strategies to organize their semester. (a)(s)
Study Skills – Students better understand their unique learning style and pick up tips for studying (in and outside of class) according to those learning preferences. This workshop also offers general helpful study strategies to incorporate into their academic toolbox. (a)(s)
Exam Prep – Students see a sample of how to prepare for an exam starting with the syllabus, notes review and creating a 7 day studying guide to set a realistic pace for preparing for the exam. A general overview of test taking strategies is also included in this workshop. (a)(s)
Writing Skills – Helps students establish writing goals, refine writing skills, organize topics and pool the information needed to write an impactful paper or capstone project. (a)

These workshops along with quick guide handouts, such as tips for e-learning or how to utilize Blackboard Collaborate can also be found on the AHS student resources support webpage.

AHS Connections. Our weekly e-newsletter contains volunteer, job, research, and scholarship opportunities, resources and events for AHS students. This initiative allows students to receive more aggregated information to enhance academic growth and professional development in the areas of applied health. Faculty, staff, students and other campus organizations have the opportunity to share valuable information, announcements or events through the AHS Connections.

Career Conversations. In partnership with Alumni Engagement, we match students with participating alumni to allow them the opportunity for a 30 minute virtual meeting to learn more about a particular profession in terms of licensing, day to day activities in the profession, steps to attain excellence in the field. Students may learn more and sign up to be matched.

Community Social Media. Our college plays together and stays together!  Starting this week, continuing and new students begin their Instagram Takeovers on our ASAP Instagram page. Once school begins, our ASAP staff will showcase ways we engage in our UIC AHS experience on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally staff will continue to lead a Fitness Fridays aerobic exercise Instagram Live session weekly. Much more to come in the realm of virtually connecting.

For any questions regarding any of ASAP services please email

Thank you again for your continued partnership.


Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs &
Director, Academic Support and Achievement Program

Allison Anderson
ASAP Graduate Assistant for Student Learning

Adeolu Ademiluyi
ASAP Graduate Assistant for Student Engagement