Nuha Abdelrahim receives student employment award

KN student  Nuha Abdelrahim was awarded student employee award. She is a research/scientific aide of pediatric genetics.

“Nuha stands out as a nutrition student. The dieticians have come to rely on her heavily for help not only with diet analysis of our patients with very restrictive diets but also with and-outs and education materials…Nuha is easy to work with and takes instruction well. She’s creative and innovative and shares her ideas. She is able to take an idea and run with it. We appreciate her help and fresh ideas that she brings to patient care. [She] has a way of elevating everyone’s spirits in the office…Not a holiday goes by where she doesn’t do something sweet to recognize us whether with a funny personalized card or homemade treat…Her passion and enthusiasm for nutrition is evident in her approach to learning and assisting the dieticians”.