ASAP Post-Midterm Reboot

Are you looking for support in areas of time management, exam preparation or study skills? Join ASAP in Week 9 for 5 days of drop-in peer coaching with our student staff.

Drop in Workshops are as follows:

  • Monday (10/17) – Time Management
  • Tuesday (10/18) – Exam Prep
  • Wednesday (10/19) Study Skills
  • Thursday (10/20) Time Management
  • Friday (10/21) Exam Prep

All workshops will take place from 4pm-5pm at the ASAP  Center (PEB 356).

Stop by and join us in building these lifelong skills — no sign up is required. We hope to see you there!

There is still 1/2 a semester to go! ASAP wants to help you reboot your semester with some help tips and tricks.