Research group led by Zhenyuan Song publishes a research paper in the Journal of Hepatology

A research group led by Zhenyuan Song published a paper titled, “ER stress-induced upregulation of NNMT contributes to alcohol-related fatty liver development” in the Journal of Hepatology.


Qing Song, Yingli Chen, Jun Wang, Liuyi Hao, Chuyi Huang, Alexandra Griffiths, Zhaoli Sun, Zhangxiang Zhou and Zhenyuan Song.


  • Chronic alcohol consumption upregulates NNMT expression and activity in the liver.
  • The activation of the PERK-ATF4 pathway of UPR contributes to alcohol-induced hepatic NNMT upregulation.
  • Adenoviral knockdown of NNMT protects against fatty liver development in response to both ER stress and chronic alcohol exposure.
  • NNMT inhibition enhances cellular NAD + levels.
  • NNMT knockdown suppresses de novo lipogenesis pathway in hepatocytes and the liver.