Dec 29

Prerecorded DPT information session/tour for prospective and admitted students

Thursday, December 29, 2022

This is a previously recorded advising session that can be viewed at any time for your convenience. It is not live.

This prerecorded session will give you the opportunity to learn more about our program and the admissions process. It’s your chance to get answers to questions about prerequisites, the application process, and evaluation criteria. It includes a tour of the facilities and stories about DPT students in the program.

We will refer to the Welcome to Prospective Students packet below. Most – if not all – of your questions can be answered with the Welcome to Prospective Students Packet. (Note that this packet gets updated each spring for the upcoming cycle.) TUITION and FEES are on page 17.

If you plan to physically visit the area, see our campus maps – the DPT program is on the west campus, primarily in these buildings: AHSB, CMET, CMWT, and DHSP. The WELCOME TO CHICAGO file below provides places to eat, park, and stay.


Mollie Rose