Autism Clinic and TAP Training Center

Specialized, experienced support in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders

Our Autism Clinic and TAP Training Center works with people of all ages with known or suspected autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

As a regional training center for The Autism Program (TAP) of Illinois Service Network, we work to enhance the lives of people with ASD through service, training and research.

Clinical and consultation services

UIC student Yasmin Khoshnood talks with fellow members of the ASPiE social group for college students on the autism spectrum
Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services

Our team has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of ASD through the lifespan.

We’re committed to working with families, school districts, and intervention programs in the community. Some of our services include:

  • Screenings
  • Evaluations (e.g. Psychological, Speech, Assistive Technology)
  • Education, family and other provider consultations
  • Family treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Early language learners group
  • Social Skills group
  • Family group
  • Autism Spectrum People in Education (ASPiE)—a peer support group for college students with ASD
  • Classroom consultations for teachers

Student training

TAP at UIC plays an important role in training the next generation of professionals in the field.

We feel it’s important to train students in working with individuals with ASD and their families. This includes making systems change for progressive policies regarding disabilities, developing and testing model programs, and translating research into practices that make a difference for people with disabilities.

We offer didactic, observation, and experiential learning opportunities related to working with individuals with ASD to undergraduate and graduate students and fellows from a variety of disciplines.

Community outreach

We provide educational support to Grupo SALTO, the state’s largest support program for Latino families of children with an autism spectrum disorder.

To increase community awareness of issues related to ASD, our staff reach out to various civic and community organizations and policymakers. In order to advocate for progressive ASD and developmental disabilities services, we also meet with various state and local policy makers.

Family Resource Room

Providing the community with training, resources, and support for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Check out books, make visual supports, and much more!


A mural on the wall of the Clinic that shows a diverse group of children and adults interacting and playing

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