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Student organizations

So, you want to get involved. But where to start? Check out our student organizations and find a group that suits your interests.

Do you have a group that’s not listed here? Want to start a group of your own? Contact Student Affairs at or 312-996-2079 and let us help.


Looking for your program’s advising contact? Start here.

Biomedical Visualization John Daugherty 312-996-4975
Disability and Human Development Maitha Abogado 312-996-1508
Disability and Human Development Maris Fujiura 312-996-1508
Health Informatics
Health Information Management Karen Patena 312-996-1444
Kinesiology Kerri Collado 312-355-3628
Kinesiology Rachel Najdzin 312-355-3624
Nutrition—Coordinated Carol Braunschweig 312-996-2575
Nutrition—Nutrition Science Kirsten Straughan 312-996-7890
Occupational Therapy—MS Maria Larson 312-413-0124
Occupational Therapy—OTD Marjani Jones 312-996-7538
Physical Therapy—DPT Jenna Sainsbury 312-996-6646
Rehabilitation Sciences—BS
last name A-L
Katja Tetzlaff 312-355-5949
Rehabilitation Sciences—BS
last name M-Z
Patty Pisman 312-996-2084
Rehabilitation Sciences—MS
Jenna Sainsbury 312-996-6646
Rehabilitation Sciences—PhD
Joelle Livermore Lantz 312-996-1015