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Our faculty pursues new knowledge that transforms healthcare practice and social systems.

  • Research spotlight

    AHS researchers and scholars describe in their own words how they're making a positive difference in our communities—and the world.
  • Improving patient safety

    Associate professor of biomedical and health information sciences Andrew Boyd is the co-author of the first quantitative study on the divergent scopes of practice for nurses and doctors. The study uniquely leveraged computer science technology to compare individual-level patient care provided by nurses and doctors using information routinely documented in the electronic health record.
  • Providing training to help prevent falls

    Holding three National Institutes of Health R01 grants simultaneously, assistant professor of physical therapy Tanvi Bhatt is at the forefront of the national movement to understand and prevent injuries associated with falls in the elderly and people with neurological injuries.
  • Healing wounds of diabetes

    Kinesiology professor Tim Koh is using a $2.2 million grant to study whether a drug taken orally to control blood-sugar levels in diabetic patients may promote wound healing when applied directly to damaged tissue.

You'll never know who you'll meet

Intelligence, energy and drive are the norm among our students, but the diversity of their personal interests and experiences might surprise you. These are cool people to know.
  • Washieka Tenieka Torres

    PhD in Disability Studies, '24
    A disability rights scholar, activist and documentarian from the South Bronx in New York City and 2018 UIC Abraham Lincoln Fellowship recipient
  • Alyssa McIntosh

    BS in Kinesiology, ’24
    A member of the Honors College and 2022-23 Easton/National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-America Scholar-Athlete
  • Amanda Montoney ’22 BS DHD

    Entry-level Occupational Therapy Doctorate, '25
    President of the Illinois Student Occupational Therapy Association and 2022 UIC Student Employee of the Year
  • Eyzel Torres '22 BS RS

    MS in Biomedical Visualization, '24
    A first-generation college graduate working toward creating bilingual content to minimize language barriers faced by the Spanish-speaking community in health care
  • Ayomide Owoyemi

    PhD in Biomedical and Health Informatics, '24
    Co-founded Wellvis, the company that created a free online COVID-19 triage tool used by the Nigerian government
  • Sharon Nguyen

    BS in Nutrition, '24
    President, Student Nutrition Association at UIC and recipient of the UIC Chancellor’s Student Service Award and the Chicago Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Outstanding Dietetic Student Scholarship

Better together

You can’t change the world with tunnel vision. Our diverse programs bring distinct expertise to a shared mission, complementing each other in expected and unexpected ways.

  • Biomedical Visualization + Nutrition =

    Art and data

    Students from two programs came together to produce a series of “Stairwell to Health” posters hanging on the stairwell landings in our main building. Nutrition students wrote the health-promoting tips; biomedical visualization students illustrated the advice with impossible-to-ignore graphics.

  • Kinesiology + Nutrition =

    Healthier together

    Recognizing the inseparable roles of physical activity and diet in daily health management, our programs in kinesiology and nutrition share a home department in AHS. Undergraduate students majoring in one field often choose a minor in the other.

  • Occupational Therapy + Rehabilitation Sciences =

    A life-changing career

    The entry-level degree for a career in OT is a master’s, and our MS program is ranked 4th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. For undergrads preparing for OT graduate studies, we offer a social-science-based, interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation sciences.

  • Physical Therapy + Occupational Therapy =

    Serving the community

    In 2016, the departments of OT and PT teamed up to develop and deliver training for 300 home care aides at the Chinese American Service League. Led by two professors and 19 students, the training covered techniques for helping seniors with impaired mobility transfer from one seat to another.

  • Nutrition + Kinesiology =

    A team to "beet"

    Alumni Austin Robinson ’12 MS KINES and Sofia Sanchez ’12 BS NUT teamed up to bring together their education in kinesiology and nutrition to create Beet Strong, a plant-based nutrition bar high in protein and fiber and made with ingridients which can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure.

  • Disability and Human Development + Physical Therapy =

    Technology and disability health

    Kelly Hsieh, associate professor of disability studies, leads “We Walk,” a project to assess the use of technology to promote physical activity in adults with intellectual disabilities and their family caregivers. Collaborator Shane Phillips, a physical therapy professor, brings expertise in the use of wearable monitors.

  • Health Informatics + Rehabilitation Sciences =

    Cross-disciplinary teaching

    Health informatics professor Eric Swirsky teaches ethical practice courses in several AHS programs. His class in Ethics, Law and Professionalism in Rehabilitation Sciences is especially popular for students who want to work one-on-one with individuals in vulnerable situations.

  • Health Information Management + Physical Therapy =

    Class and clinic

    Every year, several health information management students complete their required practicum at the campus clinic run by our Department of Physical Therapy. Students collect data, perform workflow analyses, support faculty research and more.

  • Rehabilitation Sciences + Disability and Human Development =

    Redefining interdisciplinary

    The rehabilitation sciences program draws its curriculum and faculty from every program in the college. Many students in this social-science based major choose a minor in disability and human development.

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