What to Expect

Our Assistive Technology Certificate Program (ATCP) is a flexible packaging of 12 credit hours of courses offered by the Department of Disability and Human Development (DHD).   All students are required to take DHD440 Introduction to Assistive Technology (3 credits). Students also work with their ATCP advisor to complete an AT Field Experience, a requirement for accredited AT academic programs.  Students can then choose the AT electives which they believe would best help them meet their professional goals. Students work with their ATCP Advisor to make course selections.

*Course list subject to change

 Required course (taken in spring or fall online)

DHD 440 Introduction to Assistive Technology: Principles and Practice 3 credits

Fall electives

 Online courses
DHD 594 Assistive Technology Tools for Education 3 credits
DHD 594 Assistive Technology for Individuals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired 1 credit
DHD 594 Assistive Technology for Infants and Toddlers 2 credits
DHD 590 Field Work 1 credit
Blended/Lab-Based Courses at UIC
DHD 554 Augmentative Communication Assessment 3 credits

Spring electives

 Online courses
DHD 555 Consideration, Assessment and Documentation of Assistive Technology in PreK-12 Educational Setting 3 credits
DHD 594 Supporting Augmentative Communication in Educational Settings 3 credits
DHD 594 Intro to Microcontrollers in Assistive Technology 2 credits
DHD 556 Seating and Positioning for Wheelchair Mobility
1 credit
DHD 557 Manual Wheelchair Technology 1 credit
DHD 558 Powered Wheelchair Technology 1 credit
DHD 590 Field Work 1 credit
Blended/Lab-Based Courses at UIC
DHD 551 Computers, Communication and Controls in Rehabilitation Technology 3 credits

Summer electives

 Online courses
DHD 594 Technology to Support Universal Design for Learning 1 credit
DHD 594 ACC for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2 credits
DHD 594 Mobile Technology and Computers: Built-in Accessibility Features 1 credit
DHD 594 Environmental Modification 1 credit
DHD 594 Ergonomics and Safety for Workers with Disabilities 1 credit
DHD 590 Field Work 1 credit
Blended/Lab-Based Courses at UIC
DHD 441 Adaptive Equipment Design and Fabrication 3 credits