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KN 251 (fall) and KN 252 (spring)

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your request to join a waitlist for KN 251 or 252.

KN 251: Human Physiological Anatomy I

Due to the high demand for anatomy and physiology courses, students outside the College of Applied Health Sciences must place themselves on a waitlist to be considered for a spot in the class.

Overrides will be given to students on the waitlist corresponding to the number of available seats in the class. The date you request the course via the waitlist has no bearing on your likelihood of receiving permission to take the course. All students who sign up by 5 p.m. the last day of finals week will be given the same consideration for the override.

Priority will be given to students who have met the following requirements by the deadline:

  • Declared an educational goal in the Health Sciences
    • Verify your educational goal by viewing your degree audit report which can be found on my.UIC under the Academics tab then Degree Audit. If your educational goal is incorrect or not listed, please visit the Educational Goal page on the LAS Pre-Health website to declare your goal.
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

All students must have completed the pre-requisite course, BIOS 100 or be registered in BIOS 100 (or the equivalent) for the summer semester to receive permission to take the course.

  • Students planning to take the equivalent of BIOS 100 in the summer at another institution should check to ensure they are in the equivalent course by using the Transferology resource from CollegeSource. Students who register for BIOS 100 over the summer and then withdraw from or drop the course can be dropped from KN251, run the risk of backtracking, and are at a serious disadvantage when taking KN 251.
  • LAS students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have a grade of C or better in BIOS 100 in order to receive an override for KN 251. Students who do not fall within these parameters should schedule an appointment to talk with a pre-health advisor about their options or request an appeal.

Students who sign up after the deadline will still be considered, however on a space-available basis and according to the original qualifications (educational goal, grade point average and program necessity). Further, final overrides will be given in August if space is available.

When you'll hear from us

The first round of overrides will be given during the first full week of June. All students will be notified of their status on the waitlist by Friday of that week. We anticipate granting over 500 overrides. These have to be done individually, and the process takes time. All overrides will not be granted at one time. The second round of overrides will be given during the first full week of August.

You will be notified by email sent to your UIC email account when your override is in place and you are eligible to register. Once you receive the override, you must register for the course yourself via my.UIC; registration is not automatic. Please do not contact the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences regarding your status on the waitlist. You will be notified if and when you are granted the override.

How to register

KN 251 is offered in a blended online and classroom instruction format. You’ll register for one lecture (LEC), one discussion (DIS) and one laboratory (LAB).

The lecture is virtual—all lecture content is delivered online via the course Blackboard site. You select from four possible discussion sections (M, T, W or R from 8 to 8:50 a.m.) and from 16 lab sections scheduled throughout the week. The LEC will appear on your schedule as meeting Fridays from 8 to 8:50 a.m. This is to accommodate the lecture exams, which are held on campus Fridays during weeks 5, 10 and 15. Attendance is not required on any other Fridays.

When an override is given for KN 251, it is for the class in general. You must then register for sections that are open and that fit your schedule. Requests for specific laboratories and/or discussion sections cannot be accommodated.

Clicking the link below indicates that you have read and understand the guidelines above. You will be required to select your campus and enter your UIC netid and ACCC common password to log in.

KN 252: Human Physiological Anatomy II

All students enrolled in KN 251 in the fall will automatically receive an override for KN 252 the following semester.  There is no need to place yourself on the waitlist.

Students outside of AHS who are NOT currently registered for KN 251—e.g., you took the course at another school or at UIC during an earlier semester—may join the waitlist.

Courses other than KN 251 and 252

The following guidelines apply:

  • There will be no waitlist for KN 137 Personal Fitness. The enrollment for this course is set at 30 students. Overrides will not be granted to go beyond this limit. If you desire KN 137 but it’s closed, you must wait until a spot becomes available in the registration system.
  • Most KN courses are restricted to majors in the College of Applied Health Sciences. Non-majors on the wait lists will only be granted overrides after all AHS majors have registered.
  • KN 152 Introduction to Exercise Science and Health is a general education course (Natural World – No Lab course) and is open to the general student body. However, as a requirement of kinesiology majors, they are allowed first opportunity to register. Overrides to non-majors on the wait list for KN 152 will begin shortly after the Open Registration period starts
  • If you desire to be placed on the waiting list for more than one course, you must submit a separate form for each course requested.
  • If you are given an override, you will be contacted via an email sent to your UIC netid with instructions on how to proceed.

Clicking the link below indicates that you have read and understand the guidelines above.

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