Technology-Based Health Communication and Promotion Certificate

Develop unique skills to improve your health messaging interventions

Our Technology-Based Health Communication and Promotion Certificate program equips you to take on communication and promotion roles as a health and wellness professional in private business and industry, community organizations and healthcare settings. Our program offers instruction in personal health, community health and wellness, nutrition, epidemiology, disease prevention, fitness and exercise, and health behaviors.

Obtain the necessary skills for creating high-quality wellness and prevention-related content, effective health messaging, and digital media campaigns employing information and communication technologies (ICTs) across various digital platforms. Create innovative health communication and promotion strategies to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations and the diverse populations they serve.

Understanding by Doing

This 20 credit hour online certificate can be completed in 12-months if taken full-time. You will conceptualize, design and evaluate a variety of ICT-driven health promotion, wellness and prevention-related programs, interventions and resources that incorporate evidence-based guidelines and target a wide array of user populations (diverse racial and ethnic groups, children and the elderly, individuals with disabilities).

The certificate qualifies you for specialized careers in a variety of organizational settings including health promotion and education, medical writing, public relations, marketing and communications, policy, consulting, health care agencies, and wellness programs in the public and private sector. Given the global emergence, general use and utility of ICTs, there is a particularly high demand for professionals with expertise in this field of study.

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    Richard Severin

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    Eulàlia P. Abril

    Examining the effects of new media on health and political outcomes


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