The Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition offers programs leading to Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Kinesiology Programs

Bachelor of Science  |  Master of Science

The field of kinesiology represents the study of human movement from the cellular level to the whole body. Practitioners of kinesiology are interested in the relationship between a fit, strong body and quality of life — in everyone from high-performance athletes to people living with disabilities or disease. Our graduates are experts in injury and disease prevention, functional evaluation and rehabilitation, and ergonomic solutions that promise better health for a lifetime.

Nutrition Programs

BS, Coordinated  |  BS, Nutrition Science  |  MS, Coordinated  |  MS, Traditional

Experts in the field of nutrition help patients live lives free of ailments like chronic headaches, digestive distress, hormonal complications, skin problems, depression and more. A nutritionist must understand biology, nutritional requirements, food composition and energy needs. Our graduates work in a variety of fields including healthcare, government, community health, education and research. See more information about our Nutrition Programs here >>

PhD in Kinesiology and Nutrition

Drawing upon and integrating subject matter from a variety of disciplines, this PhD program teaches research skills necessary to acquire new knowledge, as well as the theoretical foundations, research methodologies, and scientific writing and teaching/presentation skills required to transmit this knowledge through publication and teaching.

PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

The PhD Program in Rehabilitation Sciences prepares researchers, educators, and scientist-practitioners skilled at conducting applied and/or translational research in a wide range of rehabilitation-oriented settings. These may include, but are not limited to, careers in universities, teaching hospitals and other research-oriented clinical settings, private industry, government, and community-based or other non-for-profit organizations.