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  • More ‘mHealth’ studies needed to improve health care outcomes

    Study coauthored by Spyros Kitsiou shows that mHealth interventions could help diabetic patients self-manage their conditions and control their glucose levels.

  • Baby steps

    Physical therapy alumnus Peter Pidcoe uses his dual background in physical therapy and bioengineering to help babies develop better movement skills.

  • John Coumbe-Lilley aims to build relationships across campus

    As UIC’s faculty athletic representative, John Coumbe-Lilley provides oversight to ensure the academic integrity of intercollegiate athletics and enhances the student-athlete experience.

  • Expanding independence

    The Assistive Technology Unit's cutting edge technology expands independence of undeserved individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Making a difference for children with autism

    Susan Kahan brings awareness of sexual abuse to those whose job it is to keep children safe and to those who are charged with helping them overcome the dual challenge of disability and trauma.