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How do you define health?

If you eat well, exercise regularly and maintain a recommended weight, are you healthy? If your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are within normal limits, are you healthy?

Now, what if you tear a ligament? Develop arthritis? Begin to lose your hearing? What if you develop adult-onset asthma? Get a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis? Suffer a paralyzing injury? Are you still healthy?

We’re here to demonstrate that there’s no reason you can’t be.

At the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, we define health as more than the absence of illness, disease or disability. We believe people can enjoy health participation in life, whatever their circumstances. And we’re working every day to prove just that.

AHS is multidisciplinary community of health science educators, researchers, scholars and advocates who contribute to the health and well-being of people, particularly those living in urban environments.

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Stats and Facts

AHS is the
largest college at UIC with
We have
undergraduate students and
graduate and professional students
101 Full-time faculty (FTE)


The College of Applied Health Sciences is a socially conscious, research-intensive academic community whose mission is to broaden understanding of applied health sciences and disability. We strive to identify and meet the health needs of our society and pursue our mission by:

  • Educating health professionals and scholars who excel in a complex, multicultural world;
  • Discovering and translating new knowledge that transforms health care practice, social systems and related technologies for the benefit of individuals, families and communities;
  • Collaborating with our urban community partners in mutually beneficial ways;
  • Providing health services of the highest quality with emphasis on eliminating health disparities affecting individuals and communities; and
  • Advocating for public policies, perceptions, and practices that lead to the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in society.

Stats and Facts

A young women wearing a grey jacket stands in front of a group of people
Celebrating diversity
Our student body was 40% Caucasian, 21% Asian or Pacific Islander, 20% Latino, 9% Black, 5% international and 3% multi-race during the 2019 academic year
Grace Baranek head shot. Photo: Nate Jensen
Over 12,000 alumni—including our 2020 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award recipient Grace Baranek '81 BS OT
83 grants awarded to AHS faculty as principal investigators in FY19
During the 2018-19 academic year
in every
AHS students received an AHS scholarship and/or award

Guiding values

In addition to UIC’s core values of excellence, opportunity, discovery, resilience, transformation, service, courage and honesty, we are guided by our unique core values of passion, curiosity, innovation, flexibility, commitment, inclusion and diversity.

  • Passion about our research, teaching and helping those we serve
  • Curiosity about ideas that may lead to new discoveries
  • Innovation in turning discoveries into practical applications
  • Flexibility in how we achieve our aspirations
  • Commitment to serving our students and communities
  • Inclusion through accessible programs and environments
  • Diversity in reaching out to individuals from diverse backgrounds


The College of Applied Health Sciences is governed in its internal administration by its faculty. The faculty establishes the goals and academic policies of the college. The college Executive Committee and other councils and committees act on behalf of the faculty.

The dean is the highest ranking administrative officer in the college and the department heads are responsible for the resources allocated or assigned to their administrative department.

Department heads

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The UIC Applied Health Sciences Magazine is the premier publication for and about members of the AHS community.