Accepted Applicants Information and Checklist

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance for fall!

Next steps

  • RSVP to attend an open house – Get a feel for us! Take a student-led tour, meet our faculty and staff, and more. A link to RSVP is included in our offer/alternate list email. Neither date work for you? Attend one of our advising sessions
  • Notify us of your intent to enroll by Jan. 14 – Just follow the instructions in the email with the subject line: UIC DPT – Intent to Enroll and Deposit
  • Make sure UIC is your only accepted offer by Feb. 12 – Formally decline any other offers, or we reserve the right to seek other candidates to fill your slot.
  • Follow the Road to Registration Checklist outlined below

Mark your calendar

Keep connected

  • Activate and check your UIC email account. Your UIC email will be part of your Class  email listserv — to be initiated in late February or early March. Instructions were emailed from UIC Graduate and Professional Admissions;  Subject: UIC Admissions – Your Fall Application Decision Follow-Up.
  • Like the Department of Physical Therapy Facebook page
  • Join the Class Facebook group (You or a classmate may create one after the email listserv is in place)
  • Check-out Inside AHS, the online community for and by AHS students, faculty and staff
  • Meet our faculty and staff
  • Have a question for a current student? Contact Mollie Rose to connect you

Finance your education


UIC does not offer scholarships to incoming students. Continuing students may apply for merit- and need-based scholarships ranging from $200-$1,000. Here are some scholarships offered outside UIC:


If you’re interested in financial aid, we encourage you to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible. UIC award letters are available on a first-come, first-served basis each spring — contact Cori McManus for more information.

International students are not eligible for federal student financial aid.


While some students work a few hours a week, the DPT program is rigorous and functions as a primary, full-time job in that it requires much of your time and dedication.  At the end of the first year, students may apply for a very limited number of part-time jobs within the department.


While the majority of our DPT students live in one of Chicago’s great neighborhoods, some commute from the suburbs, and a few live in UIC graduate housing. About a third of our students live with other DPT students. No matter where you live, you can take advantage of Chicago’s robust public transportation system with your CTA U-Pass.

Road to Registration Checklist


You will receive an email this month regarding important information and deadlines for health requirements for the DPT program, but you can get started with your blood tests before getting that email.

 To Do:

  • Complete any outstanding prerequisites.
  • Start thinking about housing plans.
  • Review the health, certification, and documentation requirements. If you are planning to be away for the summer, or your current loans require you to be registered for classes, begin this right away!


There are a number of blood tests, certifications, background checks, and drug tests that are required before you can register for classes.

UIC, and our clinical sites, require lab results from blood tests, called “titers” which are vastly different than immunization records.

You will become familiar with a service called CastleBranch to verify your records, but you can get your lab tests/titers with the information below. Our current students learned the hard way, and they recommend you get started now!

To Do:

  • Get your titers before Apr. 30 for IgG antibodies that prove your immunity to Hepatitis B (HepB), Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Varicella (Chicken Pox). Optionally, you can get a titer for Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis). Some students visit their doctor/clinic, while others order these blood tests online and go directly to a lab.
  • Begin your vaccination series if needed, as recommended by your doctor/clinic. For those requiring multiple vaccinations, know that they may need to be taken a month or more apart. NOTE: Given many of prior year’s classes tested not immune to HepB (despite being vaccinated years ago), see if you can skip the initial HepB titer and just start the vaccine series again. Also, typical HepB vaccinations (Engerix) are 3-shots over 6 months, but there is a shorter series called Heplisav that is 2-shots over 2 months.
  • Schedule your two American Heart Association courses for certification in Basic Life Saving skills for healthcare professionals, and in Heartsaver First Aid. Be sure to complete the in-person skills sessions. No other certifications will be accepted.
  • Register and complete your profile for CastleBranch as directed in the email that came to your email account.
  • Upload your titer lab results to CastleBranch, whether positive or negative.
  • Begin your other health tests and documentation requirements.
  • When you have completed your prerequisites, request your official transcript(s) be sent to Judy Davy, Coordinator for Admissions, at
    • Or paper transcripts to: UIC Dept of Physical Therapy – Attn: Judy Davy, 1919 W. Taylor, 4th Fl (MC 898) Chicago, IL 60612.


If your titers are negative and do not indicate immunity (this happens a lot!), you will need to get a series of vaccinations, and then repeat titers. This can take months to complete – especially if you need multiple boosters!

To Do:

  • If you require the Hepatitis B vaccine, or you haven’t gotten your HepB titer, get your first shot of the 2 or 3-shot series this month. Note, typical HepB vaccinations (Engerix) are 3-shots over 6 months, but there is a shorter series, called Heplisav, that is 2-shots over 2 months.
  • Continue your vaccination series as needed by your doctor. Boosters need to be complete by Jun 5.
  • Continue completing your health, drug test, background check, certifications and documentation requirements. Upload them to CastleBranch.
  • Plan ahead – this is a very busy time for CastleBranch, and the verification process can take up to 10 days.
  • Register and complete your profile on Exxat as directed in the email that came to your email address. Upload documentation as directed.
  • When you have completed your prerequisites and/or bachelor degree, request your official transcript(s) be sent to Judy Davy, Coordinator for Admissions, at
    • Or paper transcripts to: UIC Dept of Physical Therapy – Attn: Judy Davy, 1919 W. Taylor, 4th Fl (MC 898) Chicago, IL 60612.

June and July

ALL of your documentation must be completed on both CastleBranch and Exxat before you are able to register. Allow 2-4 weeks for drug test and background check results to arrive. Also, learn from prior students who submitted incomplete documentation, which got rejected, and provide time to get things corrected.

The deadline is Aug. 1. This includes:

  • Transcripts received for any outstanding prerequisite courses or bachelor degree.
  • Background Check (CastleBranch only)
  • Drug Test (CastleBranch only)
  • AHA BLS CPR certificate
  • AHA Heartsaver First Aid certificate
  • 2-step TB, or Quantiferon Gold TB test results
  • Lab results of positive titers showing antibodies to MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis B (or at least 2-shots of HepB vaccination series)
  • Adult Tdap immunization or titer
  • Signature on Consent to Release Education Records, Honor Code Policy, Notice of Training And Licensure Requirements, and Functional Expectations for Students (Castle Branch only)
  • Signature on p50-51 of UIH Orientation Handbook (Exxat only)
  • Government Photo ID (Exxat only)
  • DPT fee payment

Failure to complete these health and documentation requirements by the deadline will limit your ability to participate in clinical education experiences – part-time experiences begin in your first year!

Phew! When everything has been submitted and processed, you will be able to register for classes. Rest assured, since your whole class takes the same fall courses, there is a seat for everyone.


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We’re here to help. If you have questions about what to do next, contact us.

You can contact Mollie at: